checking in...

I had forgotten about my blog.Yes real life has gotten in the way again.
I have been ill again, this time with another virus and urine infection,neck and shoulder pains.Then Alex has been ill with a bad cold so we have been trying to get better,so finally,touch wood we are over our illnesses and out and about again.
On Saturday I went to Bury St.Edmond's Christmas Market ,in Suffolk with Alex and some friends and their boys.We had a good day,there was lots of stalls and lots to see and eat,and do.There was a Dr Who stall and it had some really good things there,all the people were dressed up as various doctor who characters.all for a hospice  charity.Anyway I bought some Christmas gifts and we brought some nice samples of food home .Bury st Edmond's is a town which is very similar to Romford in days gone by,I can remember it being like it when I was little before the ring roads,and huge shopping places.Suffolk is nice,but its not Essex,you need a car to live there I  imagine.Sunday I spent doing more small gift shopping with Alex in Hornchurch.We celebrated with a Wimpy meal after.I really couldn't be bothered to cook.
GRANDSON MAX at Halloween

Me.A cowl I made to keep my sore neck warm

This has come out again, its got a nice new bed to adorn.Pattern from Attic 24

Alex in his Halloween costume.

I have been busy with my Christmas knitting,I have a few projects underlying that I am working on.
So Christmas is fast approaching,it will be little Max's 2nd ,but this year he will be almost walking and should be more into it!It will be our second in this flat,and Alex's first Christmas as an adult.It will be my 8th Christmas as a single mother.Somehow I am surviving and much happier than my last married years, a lot of things, traditions have changed but for the better.


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