Life has changed here.Emma has started Uni and moved away so now there is only 2 at our Essex home.
Me and alex> oh and of course Prince the cat,and our two goldfish, dr who  and riversong.
But she is happy at uni and is in contact with me and so I am happy we arent forgotten.
life is slightly harder without her to take up the flack between alex and I.Life is hard, especially when you have a child with special needs.

This is some zentangle designs I have been practising on some pebbles I begged my sister to come back from the beach with.The dotty pattern is called Black eyed peas, and I have also used waves, scrolls, and curl patterns.I am fairly new to zentangle and usually do my efforts in my sketch book.Must share them with you perhaps next time.I thought the pebbles would make paperweights.
Also I have started to make a baby blanket using double moss stitch and am cracking on with it.I love the marble chunky wool I am using,I don't normally knit with chunky wool, but this I think reminds me of the sweets coconut ice.

this is a scarf I have made out of crochet, and my new addition to my owl obsession..a fluffy hanging owl.
So this is what I have been doing since alex has gone back to school,contrary to popular opinion, I dont spend all day lolling about:)


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