absent again

been a busy few weeks.
my two wonderful kids.
emma settling into uni...

a throw i have made for my sofa

my nice knitted bag sent by my friend Ann...isnt it wonderful?

and prince, my cat comfy  under a throw..isnt he sweet.?
Emma has settled at uni.I am going to see her soon.She reports back all the adventures she is having.I have had my hair dyed..and trimmed. I got fed up being scruffy while the blonde was growing out.
I have been busy making a throw for my sofa, and one for a friend.That one is under construction.
I have started to make  a baby blanket, but getting bored with it.
My eyes still have conjunctivitus.
Have been busy doing a bit of tidying and decluttering.
Been to see some good bands recently.Turbulance and dawgfish.Very good, heavy rock and metal just the way I like my music.
Until next time..:)


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