been absent for many reasons.

I haven't been blogging recently,manly because life has become a bit of a roller coaster.I just wish my life was quiet and stressful but I uppose that is what everyone wishes. Things happen.
My dd had got herself pregnant and we had just become used to the idea when she suffered a early miscarriage,and then to cap it all was rushed into hospital with a serious infection and had to have another op.Hopefully,now she is home and recovering she will slowly be able to adjust and come to terms with it all.
Its at times like this you discover the value of your true friends and family and just how much their support is appreciated.She has been told there is no reason why she shouldn't go on to have a healthy pregnancy.
Consequently I have also been unwell myself and had high blood sugars(dangerously high)and sickness and diarrhea.So anyway after a weekend of only 4 hours sleep in total I have spent today sleeping and most of the evening and am hoping to feel better tomorrow.
My house looks a complete tip, and there is mess and clothes everywhere.All I have been working on is the doily blanket and my mood blanket while I cannot concentrate enough to stitch.
I also got the alarming news that I have to go to the eye cinic and be tested for glaucoma as I failed my eye test,another thing to worry about.
crochet hook bag I made

the doily blanket..almost finished

Prince saying hello...


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