happy jubilee.. and more crochet

so what have I been up to this merry 'Jubilee' week? well I have done some more small granny squares, I have started to knit a small baby jumper, and have been busy in my garden with planting out the new bedding plants.I also made a large granny square as shown, I am using it as a cover for one of my small coffee tables,I made that with some cottons my sister threw out my way..
Alex my son has been ill for a few days and so I didn't have much sleep and have been put out of sync because of that.Last night I watched the Comedy Gala on CH4 and it didn't finish until 2.30am so this morning I had a lie in,it was very good, I was sitting chuckling my head off and all for a good cause (Great Ormond street children's hospital-both my kids have been treated there and we are so lucky to have that here in London).I believe they raised over a million with the gala.

next week I am going to continue with my granny squares, my jumper and I have a new project pattern arrive in the post this morning so something to tell you about..until next time ,have a lovely jubilee weekend,I will be watching the queen and her floating procession  on the River Thames but from the comfort of the sofa,and we have a few jubilee celebrationery things lined up to attend.. Rule Britannia!


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