have been busy....

chevron, waves.. I finally 'get' how to do it..

a cushion cover in the making 

Alex..super son!!
You may have noticed.. I have been absent from blogroll land.. but keeping busy..
I have finally learnt how to do chevron stitch and have made a wavy cover for my notebook I carry with me.I learnt with help from a YouTube video(the crochet crowd?).Finally at last I had it sinking into my head and actually 'getting 'what I was trying to do.So anyway I ran up a quick few lines and grasped the wonderful uppy downy pattern and I adore it.(why did it take me so long to grasp?)
I am still making cushion covers for my bed, this is a pattern from a simply knitting magazine but i have chosen my own lovely pinky mauve purple lavender creamy wool..am taking this one slowly and am astonished to find it is look good,so look forward to the day when that can join the others on my bed..
Today we went to Greenwich for a nice day out with my daughter Emma, and son Alex,we had a look at her  campus she will be attending in September and so Alex understands a bit more what 'uni'; actually is, and can picture his big sis there,and Emma seems more excited than nervous about her forthcoming adventures..me well I am extremely envious and sad my dear daughter will be finally fleeing the nest,where there once was 4 of us will soon be down to me, and little Alex... our family home base numbers  has shrunk, we have reformed ..but I am hoping she will come back and visit and miss us.Anyway we looked around also the new Cutty Sark model ship there ( a copy of the origional which was destroyed in the fire)and sat by the Thames getting some nice river breeze and enjoying a bit of the warm British sun.
To recap.. I am currently working on a scarf
 some granny squares blanket,my cushion cover,
 a knitted top for me for the summer in wonderful denium blue, 
and a chevron something....
I have started  going to positive thinking classes and teaching myself to meditate
 and think positive about the changes i have made to my life. 
Its a case of onwards and upwards and watch this space..... :)
(no turning back now and learn well from previous mistakes..)
until next time...xx


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