a trip to london

On Sunday I  went to LONDON..
here are a couple of photos from my trip to the River Thames
you can see the big battleship that has been moored in the Thames during the Olympics, and the Tower of London with Olympic hoops.
We had a lovely day.
Life has been very busy,last weekend I saw 4 bands and went on a picnic with my friends who I holiday with every march.
Alex has been doing lots of outdoor activities and now things have slowed down a bit, as we are heading towards the last of the school holidays.
I have spent the day gardening and cutting the lawn, because the weather is changing, it has already calmed down and is not quite so unbearably hot.
I have been doing a small amount of crochet, a top which I am making for my sister so not showing until its finished.Have just printed a pattern from ravelry for a chevron pattern scarf which may be my next project.


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