summer's been busy..........cushions, scarf's and some photos..

alex on day out with his dad to suffolk.
my son Alex at southend..
So we are now in August,and I haven't blogged for a few weeks..
I have been busy though. Having a child with special needs is certainly challenging, particularly when you have hardly any break and not much support.But my son is 14 now and we have different issues now, and lots of talk has been of his new class and worries about it and of course the excitement of the new Dr who which starts in the autumn.and of course he is worried about his hair, which is growing so he looks like Dr who , and to his horror is starting to curl which means he takes after me.
I have been quietly creating, and basically  getting on with things.Been to see a few rock bands, out to a glam rock night(a laugh) and met up with friends.Friends and family which inspire me to keep plodding on and remind me occasionally that what hasn't killed me makes me stronger.I am still heart sore but finding it easier these days to find the strength to carry on, and not such a failure because my marriage has ended.God or a higher spirit has a plan for me and I am way happier at times than when I was miserably married,in what I call the 'cold war' years.
So what have i made..??first of all was the furry scarf.This is grey and long,long enough to wrap around your neck twice which is how I like scarf's to be worn.Want to see a photo?
 OK here it is, as you can see it is draped over a garden chair.Its lovely and soft.Oh did you notice my cushion?It is made out of four triangles, joined together to make a square.The triangles were made by double crochet.Then I made a whole heap of hearts and flowers, and wondered what to do with them,so some I stringed together and some I scattered randomly across the cushion. I then added a border of trebles similar to granny square pattern and then I framed it all with a blue and yellow double knit fringey granny style type edging.I am pleased with the results.

I have also been busy making two quilling birthday cards with my new quilling card set I got for my birthday.I have made a necklace too.I will show you them another day..
.is it a shock??!
also you can see my curly poato chip scarf I made...........................
We have been busy just getting on with life.. there has been days out. and days at home, and of course the Olympics.Hasnt it been good to watch?It has cheered us all up and reminded everyone what fun there is in life and what the world is like if we all think nicely of each other..we saw the Olympic flame and I am lucky enough to live near enough to  the Olympic park,When all the fuss has died down, I am going to take a look with alex.
Emma is slowly starting to pack her stuff and get organised for when she leaves home to go to uni, and I keep getting pangs of the empty nest syndrome.. but I still have my boy,  my creations, and lots of plans in my head for my future..

my latest project...and no its not a scarf... all will be revealed,here are some more photos to share with you since last time I blogged....
alex and his flag.I have seen the olympic flame on it.

 a video of the runner.

 another cushion
 afghan blanket.
cover for a book not finished.

part of my olympic /jubilee poncho..
well must go.. until next time.. from a little creative corner just  in  Essex.......enjoy the rest of summer.


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