after the summer

We are still here, hanging on by a thread...waiting for eviction.
Alex has started college,Emma uni again.(her 3rd and final year)/
I have started attending art sessions,at the local disability  group.I am enjoying it,as it is giving me something other than the major stress that is finding somewhere to live.
Recent makes are a  footer for my bed. I am really getting into teaching myself with lesson and book to draw.My haberdashery cut thru has come to a halt and i am concentrating on doing the wedding cut thru ,I only have a few projects out and it is helping me focus on those.The rest are in boxes,packed.
My parents have had a burglary,luckily the scum that did it was caught and most of their money and all their jewellery returned.
Recent trips out have been my cousins 40th birthday picnic and to see .Lets be cops>at the cinema.
Current achievements//I have been able to access my tax credits and income support,a credit for carers allowance on my pension, and am still waiting regarding housing benefit.The whole thing has been a nightmare to apply and work though in able to access the financial help we need.Now we are also waiting for confirmation so that alex gets free meals while at college.I am also applying for his 16 plus oyster card.

Good friends, we have been appreciating the support they give..
my lovely son...


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