a needle keeper

.goodies,a fob and a owl chart marker
Today I got letters in the post.One confirming my income support unaffected by my getting carers credit ,one tax credit card,so all good.
I spent the morning working out what to do with Alex's post office account.Rang up about it in the end.Needless to say it meant me composing another letter for Alex to sign. And all so he can receive a bursary if he is lucky.Because his investment account is all done not by the counter now,  it looks like i may  have to change it for a on-line more accessible one for him.
I am finaly feeling on top of most things,just wish I felt in  better
heath.I have felt tired today and headache y all due to having low blood sugar last night (2am actually) then have had low blood sugar at lunchtime.I have sent off fo some more batteries for my meter,and received my new testing trips Got some strips in the post for measuring key-tones, so will see what happens there.Have swapped back to my old glasses as well now, as i can get on with the light reactive ones.
I also got some nice baby double knit wool ,as my supplies are running low.
Meanwhile today has been a very hot sunny day,the last of our indian summer.
Finally here is a picture of my Prince, who couldnt get closer if he tried..


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