A Mad mad week.

well were did last week go?I was extremely busy,Alex recovered well from his teeth surgery,Things were just getting back to normal,when Emma my daughter showed up,and stayed for a week with baby Max. SO I had my grandma duties,and Loved my time spent with them.Emma is finding it hard work with having such a Young baby so I was only too happy to step in.I went shopping with her and have acquired a travel cot for when maser Max graces me with his presence.The poor boy is teething bless him.
Of course 'grandad' had to come over and visit a few times,lest said about that the better.My ex sees this flat as a second home I think.It is not!
We went  to a 40th birthday party,and max woke up wondering wha was happening.was fantastic to be out with my two kids.when i am with them I feel we are a real family,not just me and alex.Friday night I went to see a pnk band play,with friends,had a brilliant night and sung my socks off
.On monday,I went for my yearly check up at Papworth hospital,in cambridge,nothing has changed medicine wise .I will receive a letter for next  years appt , I have postpartum cardiomyopathy causedfollowing my sn Alexs birth.They seem surprised I am still here .i have been going back and forth for 18 years now. I sometimes have.
max in some blankets i made for him

me in my tunisian scarf i made

my nan,me with baby emma and my mum.me with my fav people ..alex was yet to meet me and change my life.
i may relapse.scary dark thoughts
I  have been busy tidying up today,my paperwork and correspondence was in a bad state due to me moving stuff around the flat.its taken a lot of hard grafting to sort it all out.We now have a printer that works and I am able to sit at my computer desk.I have ordered some drawers to store all the correspondence and paperwork,and also a unit for  all my craf stuff thats in the lock up.
Tomorrow is a busy dayI have my tablets arriving by delivery,my internet food order,and someones coming to fix my hot water that isnt working ,it hasnt for a day now.I am hoping it can be fixed cos I want a long soak/we are off to the theatre tomorrow night to see Hairspray in southend part of alexs birthday treat with his birthday money.
Meanwhile i have knitted a toy dog,jut got to stuff him!
off to bed... 


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