new post at long last.

my grandson Max
lots has happened since I last blogged. My daughter has had Max. He was born 8/12/16 and I was there to witness the whole was amazing to watch him coming into this world.  wouldn't have missed it for now they are a family, Emma,mike,and Max are now living in Slough.Alex is enjoying being an uncle and CANT TELL YOU HOW I love to be a Nanny
Alex is still at college,last week he had some dental surgery and he as very brave and had to have a general anaesthetic because of his learning difficulties he is best put under for treatment.So now he is having a few days off from college to recover.

I am still struggling o come to terms with my parents deaths,I feel very alone with things ,it makes me question a lot of things in my past,and I am again struggling with anxiety and depression.Alex has had some counselling to help him cope.We both eel there is so much missing from our lives now,my one hope is that time will in fact heal the pain  am going through,and on day my life will  be totally happy again.

We are still in our flat.still trying to get myself organized and my storage unit emptied.I find there is always so much to do ,there are days when  just feel totally overwhelmed with it all.I think  am not coping very one ever appears to notice or care but all i ever do is take each day as it comes.

My hobbies have taken a bit of a back burner but I have tried to keep busy by making some baby clothes,and recently some toys for little Max. The sadness  feel when missing mostly my mum is filled by happiness when I get to see little Max,he makes my tears go away. 


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