been evicted

its been ages since I have has changed in many ways for me and alex.
we are now in a homeless hostel,round the corner from our old house,the house I had when I was married and life was simple I had a happy family or so I thought.Roll on the years,and I divorced and now live from government benefits,due to my unable to work as I have cardiomyopathy and diabetes, anxiety and mobility issues.
we moved here approx three weeks ago, when we were finally officially evicted,my landlord wanted the property back from us, as he needed it for his son.It has been horrendous, constantly packing on my own, no help from anyone,and the threat of the bailiffs turning up any minute to evict us.
when we were evicted in a strange way,it was a relief to finally get it over and done with.we were found priority need due to Alexs special needs and ASD and so we ended up here,in one bedroom, with a minute kitchen to it.we share a bathroom with 4 other families and a shower.
there is a washing machine here,share with 30 other families(one machine and one drier).Its really strange because we look out on houses just like the one I owned the one that was sold following my divorce,which has all gone on rental this past 6 years.
so Alex has had a lot to cope with, he has been pacing,a thing he does when he is stressed and is getting counselling .My health continues to decline, I have very high blood pressure, and my blood sugars are all over the place due to living like this.But I am grateful as we have a roof over our heads.It is comfortable, clean and we are able to function,just.
my cat has gone missing,my beautiful handsome Princey,he was with a friend while we moved and now he has vanished.I am so upset about it.Hopefully he will turn up because he has been microchipped.
 I havent been able to do much in the way of crafting,Most of my stuff is in storage anyway.
That costs a fortune.
My father has just died, a week ago, from a stroke, he fell and hit his head, he was 88,I was with him at the end and I like to think it was peaceful, h went in his sleep, he wouldnt have made a good patient and he would have hated it if he couldnt do what he used to.I miss him so much.
t hasnt been all bad news,my lovely daughter Emma has announced her wedding ate, soroll on june and maye by then we will be somewhere more settled and life as we know it will be resumed.


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