knit and Natter

Today's the day I go to Knit and Natter at my library near where I used to live.Its a lively group we must have 16/19 people who regularly go.Last week was my birthday and I bought cakes for us to share.Without this wonderful group of ladies who share my love of anything knitted or crochet ,I dont think I would be here today.Today I worked on the white square I showed you last night,I actually finished it, but was getting a bit bored with it towards the end.I also finished the end row of my neckerchief scarf,I started earlier in the week.So a good mornings work.Then of course it was lunchtime, so across the road I went and had my usual chicken and pepper squewers  and salad and chips.All with peri peri sauce, which is kind of my Friday lunchtime challenge,I love it, but after a while the sauce leaves you with numb lips and tongue on fire.
I got an owl frame today from my friend sue,I have put in it a picture of my dad. Looks great.So here is my progress and also some of the flowers from my dads funeral, mine were the peach ones....beautiful aren't they..mum has bought them home, and they are on her porch and being appreciated there.I went to see my mum today and then came hom and have been wading through some paperwork de-cluttering it.I have been throwing out paper since I got in this room and getting more organised.So another day over and I am still missing my dad very much... I am hoping he can see me and see how hard I am trying to better myself and make the most of life.I promised myself I would. 
My present an owl frame, and a picture of my handsome dad.Isnt it great.

The neckerchief scarf

My square, finished, and now onto square two .....


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