half term week

Just popping by to say hello,I have been fairly busy this week with it being half term at Alexs college.
we had a pleasant Monday and saw my mum, and then today I have been to hospital about my glaucoma, and been given some new drops, to use with the old drops..and go back in 8 weeks, the glaucoma is still unstable.Worrying hey.
I also treated myself to new pj''s and a nightdress this afternoon and spent my hobby-craft voucher I got for my birthday,on new wool and some tiny cross stitch kits.All to be shown later in the week.Trying to comfort myself by buying new . Alex

chose a sketchbook and immediately started on his new story..
Sunday I did some sketching which helped with the frustration and stress .
Still feeling a bit down and not myself.Of course  I do miss my dad,there is so much I would have told him about.The only place at the moment I feel totally at peace is in my parents house.Its almost like he is telling me to be patient and that he is still around me.
I am trying to rest,exercise by walking most days and trying to think positive.Its almost a month since we landed ourselves here in the hostel, and every day although I am grateful for the roof over my head I do wonder just how I ended up here,how everything has gone so wrong.I do try not to be bitter in order to move on but its tough going.
we had a simple meal tonight, chicken and mash potatoes, and  yoghurt.At least the cooker works....well until later this week, hope you are finding sometime to be creative..I am making my fourth square in turquoise...


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