RIP dad......

In a few hours I will be saying a last goodbye to MY DAD.He is having his service at Upminster Crematorium,  a place I have been past many times, and unfortunately where I said goodbye to a few people already..
My dad was born in 1927,a long,long time ago now.He lived to a good age,and was in relatively good health,he only had asthma and arthritis ,and only suffered painful legs in the last few years.He was a good man,one of the old school, he and my mum were married 60 years last year.Their proud achievement was a card from the queen.My mum had overcome her cancer battle and they were very happy to be reunited,while she was in hospital, dad looked so lost without her,and he struggled.But when she came home,dad took on the job for helping to care for her.
My earliest memories are sitting on his knee and him cuddling me, he always tried to teach me right from wrong,was fairly strict on things like good manners was very fussy about how to keep the home perfect,I think he had OCD or maybe a tiny bit of ASD in this way about him.I can remember him coming home from work, giving my mum a affectionate squeeze and kiss on the cheek. ,
When I was about 15 he made his own yacht,made it from wood in his garage..we used to sail it at Southend until I discovered boys and then I didn't go.I have really fond memories of times speeding through the water and him shouting out instructions.He loved it.
Dad also played in a orchestra,I used to accompany my mum when we went to see him perform.He played the viola.I used to almost fall asleep as I wasn't a fan of his music ,he always played classical, and i grew up to the sound of him squeakily practising.
He loved doing jigsaw puzzles,after he retired he used to find them  challenge.Most years my sisters and I would give him then as Xmas presents.Another thing he liked to do was crosswords, and read The telegraph.He liked to make his money work for him, he was always trying to make the best choices ,he retired at about 45  so he made his money last,
When my children came along he started to show them like he showed me right from wrong,and enjoyed playing football and games with them.I can picture him now, playing cricket and rounders with them both.
We used to have a holiday at Pontins most years,until I got too old to go with them, I then went camping with the guides.
I can say we had some lovely times, and like most parents,the odd fall out,he didn't approve of how I managed my finances when married, and also when I was first ill we had a little fall out,recently I wanted to know that he would put us up if we were on the streets,he didn't like to say yes in case i missed out on getting a place,but my mum assures me he was accepting we may have to live with him and mum, and was preparing himself for that.My only regret is he may have stressed himself too much and that was a cause of his stroke, but I hope not,at his age and family history he probably would have had one anyway.
Our final parting,he was ill in hospital, and I was with him, I saw him slip way,in a very peaceful way,I hope now he is at peace.He woulddnt have wanted to survive if he was going to not be able to do everything as normal.He would have been the worlds grumpiest patient.
Seeing him die in such a way has restored my faith,something I had lost since I divorced,so that must have been his parting gift to me.
I promise him to help look after my mum, and remember all the things he taught me and the memories we shared  will stay in my heart forever.I   Loved him so much,he was the one person who always made me feel it will be ok in the end,so tomorrow dad ,rest easy,we will say goodbye to your body,I know your spirit is no longer there,you are up in heaven,  we will never forget you.


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