so life continues on..

My dad wouldn't have wanted me to give up, so on we plod...the service was wonderful,the flowers beautiful,Dad would have thought it was a good tribute,I hope we did him proud.Never will forget him or the memories I   have.It was wonderful to see so many people respecting him and to know so many people cared.My own kids did me proud,Alex said goodbye to his granddad,and Emma too, also being my rock.
I have had a slow day today after a bad night,tossing and turning,high blood sugar followed by low blood sugar again,I  suppose only to be expected, I have a slight cold and all the stresses of events.
Emma knows what I like, my new birthday present hooks.
I did treat myself,I bought the new magazine out;The art of Knitting'it seems to have some good projects in, and was reasonably priced.I am making a square in garter stitch,something easy until my stress level go down,and I can concentrate better.basically you cast on 33 stitches 
I keep having he urge to draw or do some calligraphy,something I can really work on and take my mind off of things.Maybe sunday....
This evening I had a meal out with two long standing friends, we went to one of those buffet all you an eat places,where the hostel is situated is right in town so its a 5 or ten minute walk to where everything is.Thank goodness we are almost at the end of the week, its been a long,long week.College half term next week..that s going to   be fun being stuck here together with no tv...mustn't moan really,considering the strain we are both under he has coped marvellously.
My square knitted so far...


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