This is why I have been quiet

This week Alex and I have been involved in a fight,a fight for justice...
his headmaster at his old school was in court for assaulting a pupil.Absolute rubbish and complete fabrication of course.This is the man who has devoted his life to teaching special needs kids for over 30 years.Anyway we have been to the courthouse,shown our support and of course he has been proven innocent and cleared of all charges.We are delighted that common sense has shown it to be a complete load of bullshit and now the local council are doing an internal investigation into what went on.So now the fight continues,I and a lot of other parents we all wont rest until the beloved headmaster is back in the school and doing the job he loves with kids and parents who love is the link
and photos to follow.
us the WROES WARRIERS outide the court,I am in the middle and alex far left

our lovely mr Wroe....we knew you were innocent glad they proved it and restored your good name Sir...xx


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